Welcome to R.S.S.V. Tick in de Nick, the Student Squash Association in Rotterdam!

Paul Coll vs James Willstrop at the Canary Wharf Classicas 2016
time winner of battle of the cities
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We are undoubtedly the most wicked squash society of Rotterdam and surrounding areas.
Since we were founded in 1987, there's no way around us in the Erasmus Sports centre!

About our Association

Club Days


Social Activities

Other Membership Benefits

Tuesday and Thursday from 18.00h – 23.00h. 

On Saturday from 12.00h-15.00h. 

Play against multiple members at our courts located in old sports building next to Hatta!

There are training sessions throughout the year, so you can step up your game! 

The training sessions are provided by members of the association.

Besides the fact that there is always someone to play a game of squash with, we also organize a number of social activities.

Develop your personal skills by becoming an active member!

Become a Member

Are you interested in joining our association?


Whole year = €50

Half year = €30
- Either from the start of the academic year (i.e August/September) until end of January, or
- From February until academic year-end (i.e July)

Erasmus Sportpas

To play at the courts of Erasmus Sports, you need a sport pass. Buy one via us and get a discount!

i'm not a student

No problem! You can still join us with a day pass (€6).


Please send us an e-mail before August the 1st, otherwise your membership will continue.


Improve your skills

1-on-1 Trainings

Group Trainings

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The private training is a block of 4 weeks. Every week you will get 30 minutes of private training. These sessions are announced via the members only group-chat and given by one of our own highly skilled members.

There is an opportunity to have a group training on Thursdays. The group training is 1 hour long with a different focus every week. These sessions are given by one of our own highly skilled members and exclusive to TIDN members.

Club Ladder

Work your way up to the top!

Playing for years? Or just getting started? It doesn’t matter! If you’re competitive, this is for you! With the Tick in de Nick club ladder you will be ranked and play people at a similar skill level! This ladder is an internal competition between members of Tick in de Nick. We use an online clubladder. The app we use, Clubladder, can be found in the Appstore. If you have downloaded the app, you can search for Tick in de Nick and create an account. The ladder gives you the option to choose how many competitions per round you want to play. Every round is 2 weeks, and you decide to either play 1 or 2 matches within this time. It also gives you the opportunity to specify your availability. This way, it is also possible to challenge other members outside of the club nights! The app matches 2 members on similar levels and asks the higher ranked one to contact the other player every round. From this point on, the two of you have two weeks to play the match (you can plan further away than a week). If your opponent doesn’t respond, you move a spot up on the ladder, and your opponent moves a spot down. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Contact Us!

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us! Fill in this form or email us directly via tickindenick@gmail.com


R.S.S.V. Tick in de Nick
Sportgebouw Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Postvak 1
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam

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