Find out more about our membership fees, and how to become part of the Tick in de Nick family on this page.

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How can I sign up?

You can sign up via the “Become a Member!” button:

When can I sign up?
We generally accept new members in September and in January. These are your membership options:


  • In September: full academic year or half year
  • In January: only half year 

We admit new members on a first-come, first-served basis, spots are limited. Once we reach full capacity, registrations will be closed. So be quick and become part of the TIDN family!


How much does a membership cost?

We offer flexible membership options to suit your schedule and academic year.

Joining us for the full academic year (September – July) is priced at €50, ensuring year-round access to our club moments and exciting social events. 

For those looking for a halfy-year commitment, we have a special rate of €30. You can choose this option either from the start of the academic year in September until January, or from the second semester in January until the academic year concludes in July. 

Erasmus Sports Pass

As a member of an Erasmus Sports association, you need an Erasmus Sports Pass. You can get your pass for a discounted price via TIDN by letting us know in the sign up form. Alternatively, you can get a sports pass via another sports association, or at the Erasmus Sport front desk. Prices for the pass slightly vary each year, you can find the most recent information here:

Sign off

How can I end my membership?

Information about how to end your membership will follow during the year.

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