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Tick in de Nick was founded in Rotterdam on June 12, 1987, by Franciscus Johannes Sliep (president), Jeroen Herman Perquin (secretary), and Fredérique Antoin Busé (treasurer). As the student squash club of Erasmus University, we wholeheartedly welcome players of all levels, nationalities, and age groups. Over the years, our association has evolved into a diverse and tight-knit community that sticks together on and off the courts. 


We embrace a club culture defined by mutual support and a casual atmosphere. Guided by our motto, ‘All things optional, nothing is a must,’ we invite our members to participate in our weekly squash nights, frequent tournaments and various other squash related and social activities. Of course, we’re always happy to see everyone come together, yet you are free to choose what you would like to join. 


But see for yourself! Below, you’ll find a collection of faces from our association, capturing some of our most memorable and favourite moments of the last years:

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R.S.S.V. Tick in de Nick 

Sportgebouw Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

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