Board 2023-2024

President - Jelle Degen

The chairman of the board is ultimately responsible for all board tasks and is the head of the association. Externally, he is the face of and signboard for the club. He is involved in communicating and maintaining relationships with external parties. Internally, he is overseeing the execution of events, projects, and initiatives, ensuring that they align with the organisation’s mission and contribute to its growth and long-term goals. The President is the point of contact for all members for a year, and he acts as chairperson of the (biannual) general members’ meeting. Additionally, he is supervising the Tournament Committee. 

Secretary - Marcell Antallfy

The secretary of the board is responsible for the membership administration. He keeps files in which all data of members and former members can be found, and processes registrations and deregistrations throughout the year. In addition, he ensures that all information is entered correctly at the squash association, and that all members are entitled to play all year round and are in possession of an Erasmus Sport Pass.

Treasurer - David Gyaraki

The treasurer of the board is responsible for the finances of the association. He ensures that the annual budget presented at the GMA is adhered to by all board and committee members, and that all financial transactions are accounted for responsibly. The treasurer also handles all contribution debits, as well as the collections for training sessions, tournaments, activities, etc. At the end of the year, the treasurer presents the financial report of his board year, and he is accountable to the GMA for the pursued financial policy. 

Internal Affairs - Lisa Noordam

The internal commissioner is, among other things, responsible for the activities committee and the marketing committee. The activities committee organises various monthly drinks and activities throughout the year, as well as the annual trip. The Internal Commissioner is also responsible for the monthly mail, social media and other communication channels. 

Previous Boards


President: Joep van der Burg

Secretary: Andy van Straten (until 10-’22)

Treasurer: Dora “Dori” Fáskerti

Head of Marketing: Machelle Mac Intosch

Head of Tournament: Christel Visch


President: Julia “Julka” Wloch

Secretary: Agustin Medina

Treasurer: Adam Kennedy


President: Roos Eysbach

Secretary: Hannah van den Berg

Treasurer: Kushan Divecha

Head of Marketing: Annika van Smaalen


President: Simon Bernhardt

Secretary: Kay Timmermans

Treasurer: Thomas Mouton

General Board Member: Monica Herring


President: Daan van den Bremen

Secretary: Omar Qudimat

Treasurer: Simon Bernhardt

General Board Member: Ronald Klacman


President: Thomas Andeweg

Secretary: Lloyd Roga

Treasurer: Lisa Swinkles

Internal Affairs: Iwan van der Biezen

General Relations: Ralf van Veen 


President: Thomas Andeweg

Secretary: Jeroen Winkel

Treasurer: Eric Krommenhoek

Internal Affairs: Iwan van der Biezen

General Relations: Frank Smitshoek


President: Thomas Andeweg

Secretary: Sipho Arntzen

Treasurer: Eric Krommenhoek

Internal Affairs: Vinzenz Baumer

External Affairs: Mahipal Chaudhary

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