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Not at all! Whether you’ve never held a squash racket before or you’re an experienced player, everyone is welcome. In TIDN it’s all about playing together, challenging each other and offering mutual support. We also provide trainings for different skill levels to help you improve your squash skills. 

Absolutely! While we are based at Erasmus University, our doors are open to squash enthusiasts from all walks of life. However, as a student association, priority will be given to students and those affiliated with the university when it comes to the limited membership spots.

Certainly! We encourage exchange students to join our association and become a part of our diverse and vibrant squash community during their stay. We are offering half-year memberships starting from September or January, and are happy to have you on board.

Watch out! Our squash courts are not located in the “new” Erasmus Sports building! 


How to find us:
If you are standing in front of the “new” Erasmus Sports building, facing the Erasmus Sports cafe, you have to turn around 180 degrees and walk across the bike stands to the opposite building. You can find the entrance to the squash courts right there: in between Hatta (student dorms) and the campus bar Smitse. Our TIDN banner will guide you the way: you have to enter the building, go through the hallway, and then down the stairs to reach our courts.

For a comfortable and safe time on the squash court, we suggest getting specialized squash shoes. Squash shoes are tailored for the sport’s agility and intensity and provide ankle support and cushioning to absorb impacts. You can purchase them online or in local sports stores such as Decathlon or DAKA. However, if you are a beginner or don’t own any squash shoes yet, standard sports shoes with non-marking (i.e no black), lightweight soles are a good alternative. 

We expect everyone in the association to bring their own equipment, including a racket and squash balls. To get you involved right away, we provide rackets for our new members in the beginning so that you can start playing already until you have your own equipment. We do not sell rackets ourselves, but we are happy to give you advice and help you find a racket that suits you! We do sell squash balls and squash (over) grips at the courts, so you can get these from us!

Managing my Membership

To end your membership, please send us an email before the 1st of August to We will send out reminders before this date. Without this notice, your membership will automatically continue.

Information will follow

Erasmus Sports Pass

Yes! As a member of any Erasmus Sports association you need to get an Erasmus Sports Pass. There are multiple variations of the ES pass; you can decide if you want to have access to the gym, if you want to have a pass for the full year or only for a semester etc. For further information visit the ES website (, feel free to message us or Erasmus Sports directly, or ask at the ES front desk.



You can get your sports pass for a discounted price via TIDN by letting us know in the signup form. Alternatively, you can get a sports pass via another sports association, or at the Erasmus Sport front desk.

Club Moments

Our club nights are on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 18:00 and 23:00h. 

During these times, all five squash courts are reserved exclusively for our members. You can come by whenever you want, chat with other Tickers, play some good rallies and have a drink with us afterwards if you like. Additionally, on Saturdays, we offer another playing opportunity with four courts booked for us from 12:00 to 15:00h.

During our club moments on Tuesdays (18:00 – 23:00h), Thursdays  (18:00 – 23:00h) and Saturdays (12:00 – 15:00h), you do not need to book a court.


If you want to play outside of these times, you need to reserve a court on the ES website using your sports pass:
Note, you need to be logged in at the ES website before this link works.

Clubladder and Competitions

The Clubladder is an internal competition and ranking for our players throughout the year. If you decide to join the ladder, you play against other Tickers of a similar skill level. The overall rules are simple: Win a match and you move up the ladder; lose, and you might move down. Whether you’re in it for the fun or with the goal to end on top: It’s a great way to improve your game and engage with fellow members.

Only members of Tick in de Nick can join the ladder. Your level is irrelevant as the ladder will face you against people who are around your level.

There are multiple internal and external tournaments throughout the year. From a more fun Challenge Roulette Tournament where everyone is given a silly challenge while playing, to a more serious Battle of the Cities where we play all other student squash associations in the Netherlands, and anything in between. These tournaments are open and set up to match players of all skill levels.

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