Joining a committee at Tick in de Nick provides an opportunity to grow, connect, and actively contribute to the association. Explore the options below; there is for sure a committee that suits your interests!

Tournament Committee

The Tournament Committee is the creative and organizational driving force behind our various themed tournaments throughout the year. The Easter tournament (including an Easter egg hunt), Valentine’s double tournament and the Challenge roulette tournament were just some of the highlights of the last years. As you can see, for ToCo creativity knows no bounds! Also, they are always on the lookout for other student squash tournaments throughout the Netherlands that our members could join.

So, are you a creative squash enthusiast and would like to contribute to organising exciting tournaments? Then join our Toco! 

Activity Committee

Our Activity Committee ensures that our members have plenty of opportunities to connect and have fun also outside the squash courts. Through their creative and varying events they bring excitement to the association’s social calendar. From organising the monthly drinks, encouraging us to go ice skating, and setting up the BBQ at the end of the year event to convincing Sinterklaas to visit us at the courts, they do it all! 

If you’re a social enthusiast with a passion for organising events, then the AcCo is your committee. Keep in mind that you are expected to attend as many of the social activities as possible. 

Marketing Committee

Have you noticed how awesome our website is? Well, this is all thanks to our Marketing Committee! They are the ones making sure that we look good online on our socials, but also offline wearing our TIDN merch. Coming up with clever marketing strategies, creating engaging content, and building up TIDN as a coherent brand all fall into their expertise. 

If you have an interest in marketing, photography, (web)design, or just love social media, then MaCo is the right committee for you. Join now and help increase the association’s online and offline presence, making TIDN a well-known name in the world of student squash.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee plays a crucial role in maintaining the financial health and integrity of TIDN. This dedicated group examines the association’s financial records, ensuring transparency and accountability. Their main responsibilities include overseeing the Treasurer’s work and providing recommendations on any accounting or financial matters. Their keen eye for detail and commitment to upholding financial standards safeguard the association’s resources and ensure responsible management. Ready to make an impact? The Audit Committee welcomes everyone, no finance or accounting background required. Bring your calculator and help us count our money!

Eurekaweek Committee

The Eurekaweek is the annual introduction week in Rotterdam, organized for new students of Erasmus University. This fun week typically takes place in August and includes a variety of social events, informational sessions, and parties. It’s a great opportunity for us to recruit new members and put ourselves out there! The Eurekaweek Committee is in charge of planning TIDN’s visibility, staying in close contact with the organisers, and, of course, being there to promote our association during this week. As a reward for your help, you even get to join some of the Eureka events for free! So, if you’re good at winning people over with your charm or you just like to party and meet new people, join our Eurekaweek Committee!

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